Overcoming Youth Ministry's Biggest Frustration

Nov 28, 2016


Being a Youth Minister/Pastor is a tough job. It can be a lonely ministry position where your role is diminished by people who think you only entertain students once a week or just keep them out of trouble for a few years.

But, that's not the biggest frustration. 

Want to know what is?

The biggest frustration in youth ministry comes after serving students, walking alongside them, preaching sermons, researching and using all kinds of Gospel-sharing styles and tools, trying to prepare them for life after high school, sharing stories in hopes to help them navigate through life's tough times, visiting them at school, showing up to their games, decorating youth rooms, putting retreats together, and facilitating meaningful conversations...

...and then they walk away from their faith, the church, Jesus, and break off all communication with you. Sometimes, they even make decisions that cause you to question whether they ever listened to anything you said. 

Of course,...

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