What's In Your Office?

Jan 23, 2017


Do you have an office? If so, what does it look like?

How would a visitor feel once they walk in?

How would a student feel?

How about a parent?

Here's the bottom line of this blog post: 


I've been a part of lots of youth minister circles and social media groups in which youth ministers complain of not being taken seriously. They argue that the church leadership sees youth ministers as fun-loving entertainers. Others see them as event coordinators. And some youth ministers are not even considered as ministers or pastors. This treatment also comes from parents and teens themselves. What have we done to deserve this?

Well, for one, I'd like to challenge all youth ministers to challenge the status quo. That's right. I'm going to be in your face in this blog post, but remember that I'm on your side.

Here we go...

Stop making your office an extension of your personality. Sure, it's fun to decorate your office with a bunch of Star Wars memorabilia or...

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My 6 Go-To Social Media Apps

Dec 21, 2016


Here are some social media tools for you to use in order to reach parents & students in your ministry. I currently use these tools for organization, task delegation, connections, and to build a following in my youth ministry. Some are FREE, others are PAID. I recommend you budget these in for 2017! They're worth it!

  1. Meet Edgar: This is my go-to social media scheduler. Unlike regular post schedulers, with Meet Edgar, you simply place your different social media posts into category buckets. Edgar offers a few different options (like Blogs, Inspirational, Funny, Promotional, Tips, etc.). You can also create your own categories. You then select how often you want Edgar to post onto the three different social media apps they currently offer: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I love the fact that I can drop in or create a slew of social media posts and pretty much not worry about posting every day myself. It's kind of like that rotisserie cooker that came out a few years...
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