Are You An "Out There" Youth Leader?

Feb 13, 2017


I was at a youth ministry training back in September. I chose a breakout session led by a local area youth pastor from the city. In this breakout session, the speaker asked a question to the room full of other local area youth leaders.

Who here knows the name and number of at least three other youth pastors in your town?

Sadly, only two people raised their hands. I was one of them. I sat toward the back of the room (it was early) and I was shocked at the lack of a response to this question. The speaker acknowledged both of us for raising our hands and commended us. But, man...I was shocked!

She went on to talk about the importance of "Asset Mapping". I'll give you a brief recap of what she covered. You can find more detailed information here: Asset Mapping by Virginia Ward

It is vitally important that youth leaders (as representatives of the Church and of Jesus) be involved in the communities they serve in. This doesn't always mean to show up to all kinds of...

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